Exercises that Will Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

Many people know that boosting metabolism helps one to regulate their weight but the rate at which calories are burned in the body usually depends on several factors. Factors such as gender where men are known to burn calories faster than men and also genes where people inherit a high rate of metabolism through the generations.

Experts have revealed that when one has passed the age of 40, their metabolism starts to slow down but thanks to years of research, there are exercises that can help to boost metabolism. One does not have to spend too much money hiring a trainer or joining a gym.

All you need are the following items

a.Ample space in your home to place the mat and create a good mood for exercising

b.One pair of dumbbells weight between 10 to 15 pounds

c.One set of dumbbells weighing 5 to 8 pounds

d.A yoga or exercising mat


f.Running shoes and your smartphone with your favorite playlist and headset

Below are exercises that will boost your metabolism all day long.

Plank walk

012In order to perform the exercise, you need to stand on your feet and then place your arms raised over your head. Slowly bend or hinge at the hips and then bring your hands to touch the floor. When doing this, you need to ensure that the legs are straight as possible.

Start to walk out to a plank position and then jump with your feet towards your hands. You need to ensure that your body lands in a tucked position. Reverse by jumping back to plank again, move your hands towards your feet and proceed to stand up. You need to repeat the exercise in order to achieve maximum benefits.

The pendulum kickback exercise

230495614_3_oThis exercise is not only designed to help you boost your metabolism, but it also helps to tone your triceps, butt and thighs. To start you need to hold a dumbbell in each hand, proceed to stand with your right leg straight out in front of you. The leg should be positioned six to twelve inches from the floor.

Flex your foot and bend your elbows upto ninety degrees so as to ensure that the forearms are parallel to the floor. Start swinging your right leg behind you and then squeeze glutes as you straighten your arms. Reset your posture and repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

Engage in cross training

Crossfit_routinesWhen people start training or exercising with the goal of improving their health, they usually engage in a single form of exercise such as running. Within no time of repeated movements, one gets into a rut and the exercise no longer benefits the body.

In order to get out of the rut and increase your metabolism as well, you need to engage yourself in cross training. This means that you can schedule each day to have it’s own exercise. For example on Monday, you can jog, on Tuesday you can weight train, on Wednesday you can box and on Thursday you can stair climb.

Squat curl

819a4b509db8ad9bf90442360d750027This exercise helps to tone your biceps and your thighs. To start, you need to hold a dumbbell on the right hand side with your palm facing forward. Proceed to cross the left ankle over the right thigh. In order to ensure that you stay balanced, you need to hold onto a chair.

Proceed to bend your right knee and hips in a sitting position and ensure that you are raising your weight to the right shoulder. Once you have done so, you can reset your posture and return to the original position. Proceed to repeat the exercise and within no time you will have improved your metabolism.

In conclusion, boosting your metabolism is very important as it helps to ensure that you are able to regulate your weight. There are different exercises that can help you achieve this and some of them include squat curl, cross training and pendulum kickback among others.

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