All my friends know that I can never get enough of exercise and being fit. My blog is an extension of this lifestyle in digital form. Before starting it, I knew that there were a few other people at the gym that felt like I did, but not to the extent that blogging has helped me discover. So when I assumed that I’d be able to blog and join in with other fitness freaks, I wasn’t just right… I was completely on target.

Blogging has meant that I can meet and talk to all my fitness freak readers, who are as in love with being healthy as I am. I also get to show meal plans and important aspects of form while excising. I’d like to think that I’ve kept people safe in their pursuit of health while also giving them the tools they need. So my blog sort of is like a tool for other fitness freaks, which is another reasons I started it. There’s so much poor advice in the fitness world that I wanted to create a tool that people could return to to get better information. A blog is like an online tool and presentation of that really good info.